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3 Hacks I Use When Shopping Online

This week is a unique one!  I'm going to show you 3 tools I use to hack online shopping.  I've broken it up into 3 different short videos.  Because I'm giving a demonstration right from my own computer desktop these videos are probably best viewed on a computer screen in fullscreen mode.  So let's get started saving money!

1.  Capital One Shopping (formerly Wikibuy)

In the first video above, I talk about a really handy tool called Capital One Shopping.  All of these tools discussed this week I use as Chrome extensions for the Google Chrome browser.  Not sure what that means?  Click here to learn more about extensions.  Don't worry, it's a short simple read.  Many of these tools have extensions for other browsers as well so check but Chrome is the browser I recommend for these and other purposes. Capital One Shopping is a very powerful tool that searches in the background to find you better deals for what you're shopping for.  It also prompts you concerning coupon codes and with a single click you can have it check all the coupon codes available and it will finish with the one that saves you the most.  I simply won't shop online without it. Here's the link to the Chrome Extension - Capital One Shopping Extension

2.  The Camelizer

The second hack is from an odd named site called but the value they provide is well worth the silliness.  The Camelizer is an Amazon product price tracking and notification service.  You can use it to easily check price history with one click and make a better informed purchasing or non-purchasing decision. There is also a feature where you can enter any dollar amount to set a price watch on that item and when it drops to or below that threshold you get an email instantly.  Just click on the product link in the email and it takes you right there and grab it ASAP.  I can't tell you how much money I've saved this way!  I got our steam mop for $70 instead of $100 using this tool! Here's the link to the Chrome Extension - The Camelizer Extension

3.  Invisible Hand

My third hack is similar to the first but also valuable.  Invisible Hand works in the background to find better prices on the internet and gives the results in an easy drop down bar at the top of your browser screen.  I like Wikibuy better but Invisible Hand can sometimes find things Wikibuy doesn't and vice versa.  It's up to you which one you like better or if you'd rather just use both! Here's the link to the Chrome Extension - Invisible Hand Extension So go grab these and let me know how much money you started saving!   Question: What are your tips for hacking shopping online?  Share them in the comments below!


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