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5 Actually Free Birthday Rewards You’ll Be Sure to Crave

Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch??  How about free food for your birthday? Sure. Who doesn't like free rewards! I am going to give you the skinny on five awesome food places who give no-strings-attached free food every time your special day rolls around!

Let's be honest. Who doesn't like to eat for free?! Even better. Free food that doesn't require a purchase. Awesome! Before we take a look at five places that do just that, let’s cover a few housekeeping items to make sure we're on the same page.

Sign Up NOW!

Before you can reap the rewards, you first have to sign up. Sign up for these things right away. It can take a week or two for these rewards to process, so give yourself plenty of time. You can’t sign up today and expect that reward in your inbox tomorrow on your birthday. If it’s months in advance, that’s okay. When birthday month rolls around, you’ll have those rewards waiting for you. So, sign up early!

Communicate with Restaurant Staff Ahead of Time

What if you and your spouse’s birthdays are in the same month or even just days apart? Communicate with the manager. Call ahead and explain the situation. Even though the offer may say you can't use both rewards in the same visit, you may be able to talk with the manager. Just be sure to write his or her name down so you have it when you go to redeem your free reward. Not only will it allow you to use your free reward to the fullest, it is just a common courtesy you should observe before your visit.

Tip on the Full Regular Retail Price

This is the most important piece of housekeeping! Keep in mind you need to tip. The person serving you still needs to make a living. It’s not their fault you’ve earned free food. So, be sure to tip on the full retail price of your meal. Okay, let's check out some of those great, free rewards places...

1. Texas Roadhouse 

This is, by far, one of my favorite restaurants. If you like a good steak, it is not hard to imagine why. And even if you don’t like steak, they have other great menu items available. When you sign up for Texas Roadhouse’s rewards, you get a birthday coupon for a free appetizer or side kick of ribs. Appetizers usually run $8, so it is a great reward. There are a few limitations on what appetizers can be ordered, so make sure you know in advance which ones are approved.


By signing up for IHOP’s rewards program, you not only earn a free reward on your birthday, but you also earn a free reward for signing up. In fact, you’ll get a birthday reward every year as well as a reward on the anniversary of when you joined the club. It may even be helpful to sign up on a date that is not near your birthday—that way your two free rewards aren't running simultaneously each year. Who doesn’t want free pancakes? Just a reminder. None of these places require you to buy a thing!

3. Starbucks

You may have heard of Starbucks' program. You can earn stars based on your purchases, which translates into free rewards. However, in addition, you also get a birthday reward. It shows up about four days before your birthday and only sticks around for a couple days, so be sure to use it in time. The reward allows you to get whatever drink you'd like. It may be a $2 cup of coffee or it can be a fancy drink with a bunch of extra espresso shots that costs $57! It doesn’t matter what it is. You get to load up on the caffeine and at no cost! Just don't roll the dice with your heart by having too much caffeine!

4. Ruby Tuesday

Another awesome freebie is from Ruby Tuesday. They give you a free appetizer when you sign up and a free burger or garden bar on your birthday. It may require you stay below a certain dollar amount, but it allows you to pick from a majority of the burgers...and it includes the fries. Who doesn’t love a free burger!

5. Red Robin

They also give a free burger but it has no limit, other than it can’t be from their Signature list. But, again, it’s a free burger. Red Robin is always very flexible, friendly and they make an effort to accommodate their guests. Again, like the IHOP scenario, they may even let you pay the difference if you want to upgrade that burger. Just ask! Can we say, "bottomless fries"?


Moe's Southwestern Grill

If you download and sign up on the Moe's app (iPhone or Android), you earn cool rewards like free nachos with purchase just for signing up. But, even better, you get a free burrito on your birthday. There is no purchase necessary!

So, get ready to party!

Beyond making you hungry, I hope this information was helpful. For other great tips, feel free to check out my e-book and click on those rewards links to earn your free birthday rewards, which will keep your wallet heavy and, despite the extra calories, your heart light.

Question: So, which free rewards are you going to sign up for? Know about any others? Be sure to share in the comments below.

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