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6 Bills That Actually Don't Hurt Your Credit Score

Are you struggling to keep your credit score healthy or grappling with knowing the bills that effect your score? Let me share with you six specific bills that do not effect your credit score.

Every bill you pay can negatively effect your credit score, especially since your credit score is a measure of your financial health. True? Well, not really, so let me share with you 6 bills that actually don’t hurt your credit score.


Including things like electrical, heating, and water, utilities do not effect your credit score. Now, it is true that some parts of the country are beginning to report one's electrical bill to specific bureaus. However, it does not effect the credit score. This might change in the future, but only time will tell.

Insurance Payments

While you should prioritize paying your life, car, home and other insurances, your score is not negatively effected if you miss a payment in order to eat or put gas in your car.

Medical Bills

Medical bills are a common sight in my line of work. Unless your medical provider has sent the bill to an outside collector, it is not one of those bills that effect your score. Additionally, even if it is sent to one, it does not always show up on your credit report.

Cell Phone Installments

Despite having a phone that may be paid in installments using a fake-lease format (which is another discussion for another day), it is not an actual loan nor does it get reported to the credit bureaus.

Cable Bill

Thankfully, forgetting to pay your outrageous cable bill is not one of those bills that effect your score. So, why in the world are you still paying for cable anyway? I am willing to bet there's a solution for every hesitation holding you back from cutting that cable cord. Check out my Cable Cutting course for more information on doing just that!

Gym Memberships

Even though you are likely under a contract with your local gym, it is not one of those bills that effect your score. So, don't sweat it! If you are looking to release the gym’s choke-hold on you, check out “How to Break the Chains of Gym Membership.” Needless to say, you can pay your bills on time and not have a credit score and, honestly, if you can do that then why do you even need a score?

If it is not debt, it is not reflected in your score, which is what your score is based on. 

One exception to this might be rent. Right now, most places do not report rent to the credit bureaus; however, there is a movement to change that and there are services you can pay to have your rent payments reported to TransUnion.  Ultimately, if your goal is to get qualified to borrow money based on a credit score, it is likely a broke mindset lending to this.  Your credit score is not an overall measure of your physical health or responsibility; so, I strongly urge you to step back from whatever is causing you concern over your credit score and reevaluate your financial goals. For more on this, check out “The Credit Score Demystified” and “Why You’re Not Getting the Traction You Want In Your Finances.” I hope this information has been fruitful in helping you find more money to fund your dreams!  

Question: Have you been functioning under the fallacy that these are bills that effect your score? Let me help you change that mindset. Contact me today!

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