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How to Crush Debt and Find Freedom For Good!

The average American has $39,000 in consumer debt.  Student loans are a cancer invading our culture enslaving people from all generations.  Vultures crowd the market offering quick fixes that never work.  Wouldn't you really like to GET debt free and STAY debt free?  This is how I did it and you can do it too.

1.  Stop the Bleeding

Just say no to the drug of debt.  Cut it off.  Stop using debt!  You can't get out of debt while still using it!  Now, turn to what's left and let's start attacking it.

2.  Snowball It!

Science has proven (Harvard Business Review article here) that the most effective way to get out of debt is the Debt Snowball.  List all your debts smallest to largest by balance, maintain minimum payments to stay current during the process, and start lumping old payments on top of the next smallest on the list as you pay them off.  For a detailed visual explanation see the video above.  This method does not require ANY extra money.  It simply requires you to focus your dollars and make them work for you.  You will see unprecedented success.  The example in the video is paid off 69% faster!

3.  Accelerate It!

Find everything extra you can to throw at it, set a S.M.A.R.T. goal, and you will dramatically speed up this process.  In my video example just $500/mth cuts a whole other year off your debt free date! Want a proven plan for success and some support?  Set a free 30-minute consultation.  If you provide all the debt information I can show you exact dates and tell you exactly how much extra a month it will take to reach your goal date.  Learn more about and book it right here.

4. Add Gravy!

Get a bonus check?  Throw it on top of your plan!  Get paid every two weeks?  You get 2 months where you have a 3rd check.  Budget on 2 a month and throw the extras at debt freedom!  (same for weekly pay, you guys get 4 months that have 5 checks!).  Got a tax refund?  Throw it at it and then readjust your withholdings to have more every month for your plan!  Find everything extra that's irregular and throw it towards your freedom journey!

YOU GOT THIS!  Now... go KILL it!

  Question: How soon do you want to be debt free?  Share your goal date in the comments below!


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