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6 Tips for a Killer Grocery Strategy

We all have to eat, but we can eat for less. This week, I'm going to share six tips that will help you do just that. Also, be sure to download my free e-book, “The Money Finder,” which provides additional ways to save money at the grocery store and much more! Now, let’s check out the list.

1. Stick to a List

Make a grocery list and check it twice! Next time you go to the store, I challenge you to make yourself a little uncomfortable and only get what is on the list. You may drive away and think of something you forgot, but your list will gradually get better and the more you improve it, the better you will get at sticking to it. Sticking to the list will help you focus on what matters rather than getting caught up in the variety of, for example, the different flavors of chips that exist and the temptation to buy one of each. Instead, just stick to the list. Make it, check it twice, and go in with a plan of attack. Likewise, sticking to the list will create a pain point if later you realize you forgot something and it will drive you to get better and better at planning your grocery store trips.

2. Have a Meal Plan

Maybe you are overwhelmed with the idea of meal planning, but it doesn't have to be this excruciating process. In fact, your meal plan can consist of the things you are used to making. Begin by writing down each ingredient so you will know what to buy and when in order to avoid overspending or buying ingredients that will go bad before you use them. Also, check out Emeals. For a few dollars a month, they will send you a variety of recipes and a list of what to buy each week based on those ingredients to get you started.

3. Use the Flyers

Peruse and use. Flyers and circulars are a great source for savings. Nowadays, you don’t even need to subscribe to the newspaper to gain access to this money saving source. You can obtain the flyers online or at the store itself. Once a week, sit down and make a meal plan for the coming week…and build your list based on what is currently on sale. Then add things you still need for the meal plan and prioritize the store where things are usually the cheapest. You can usually discern this based on the size of the sale flyer alone!  The cost leader usually has more pages and less pictures in their flyer.  More on this in Tip #5.  Bottom line, if you are going to the store and impulsively buying ingredients, you may not be doing the most efficient job you can to save money. So, use those flyers!

4. Utilize Coupons

Maybe you will become the king or queen of couponing, and maybe not. Whatever your title, I encourage you to download the app for the store you shop at most. You can clip all the digital coupons in advance, which then go right onto your loyalty card. When you swipe your card at check-out, those coupons will then come right off the total.  Sometimes you'll get surprised and find a coupon come off you didn't even know you had! 

5. Shop Smart

As you use this process more and more, you will begin to notice some stores are cheaper than others. Make sure you focus your attention on those stores that have more sales overall and items that cost less. Find those stores and take advantage of them! Likewise you'll begin to get a feel for their sale cycles and learn when to buy, when to wait, and when to stock up.

6. NEVER Shop Hungry

Pack a granola bar, PowerBar, anything. Make sure you have food in your stomach before you walk into that store. Stores are designed to make you stay longer, spend money, and contain all the things appealing to you, the consumer. So, go in smart and NEVER shop hungry.   I hope these tips have been helpful to you. Be sure to share them with others and download “The Money Finder” today so you can begin to save money!

Question: What are your unique tips for making the most of your grocery budget?  Tip: Not eating isn't a tactic ???? .  Share in the comments below!


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