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20 Side Hustles to Attack and Profit from Right Now

If you are going to build a financial foundation quickly, it is going to take some hustle. Today, I am going to share with you twenty possible side hustles you can profit from to take charge of your financial future.

A little extra income never hurt, right?! Well, it doesn't have to be difficult either. Let me share with you twenty potential side hustles that can help you reach your financial goals and fund your dreams.

1. Overtime

The first and easiest place to start hustling is at your existing job. I mean, you're already there, so adding a little overtime is likely to give you both convenience and the most earning potential. Typically, overtime is time-and-a-half but also based on your current pay rate; plus, it already coordinates with your pre-existing work schedule and saves you from having a second commute added to the mix. If they are offering overtime at your job, maximize this opportunity!

2. Paper Route

A good old-fashioned paper route, which was actually my first job but also a side hustle for my father in his early 50s, can be a great way to earn extra income.

No matter your age, delivering papers can be easy to profit from before your typical day job and if you provide quality service, making particular note to each customer's delivery instructions, those Christmas tips can be quite lucrative.

3. Babysitting

This tried-and-true side hustle can vary based on the kiddos you watch but can also be very easy money while hanging out and having fun. If you are good with kids and trustworthy, you can build quite a following with families in your community. Additionally, the payoffs will only continue to improve as finding a good sitter is worth its weight in gold.

4. House Sitting

Instead of manual labor, try a simple side hustle during vacation season like chilling out in someone's house with the AC on. While families and urban professionals are away, they are looking for someone to make sure things stay secure, collect their mail, check in on their pets, etc. There is even a service, Trusted House Sitters, dedicated to this concept.

5. Rideshare

Uber and Lyft are all the rage these days and, unless you have been living under a rock, how the service works likely needs no explanation.

If you consider becoming a driver, keep in mind you should purchase separate insurance for those activities. Not reporting this usage to your existing insurance company can result in you being dropped, so make sure you are covered. With a solid plan, this side hustle can become a great option!

6. Dog Walking/Pet Sitting

If you are an animal lover, checking on someone's pet periodically or hosting that pet while they're away can be a great way to earn some extra cash. With dog walking, many have turned this side hustle into a booming business–especially in urban areas.

7. Moving Services

Help move! Whether it is using your muscles or your HEMI, people are always looking for extra help. You're already that friend with a truck, so why not get paid for it?! Check out Go Share to learn how to start earning in this area.

8. Mow Lawns

Cutting grass is a quintessential first time job, but it can also be a great side hustle. Multiple homeowners are looking for alternatives for their lawn and yard care. Capitalize on this opportunity! 

9. Deliver Almost Anything

Whether it's pizzas, courier/parcel services, or something like Seamless, there is practically a delivery service for anything and everything. With a couple of taps, you could be the latest UberEats driver in your area.

10. Medical Studies

Especially if you live in a medical hotbed, there are multiple opportunities to become a test subject for specific treatments. Young and relatively healthy folks can become great candidates. Check your area and see what's available. So, these were some great ways to sell your time, but maybe you can...

11. Sell Your Stuff

You're an American, so you probably have some stuff you can sell; but, whether it is on Ebay, somewhere online or results in a simple tag sale, turn your junk into another man's treasure. 

12. Rent Your Place

Likewise, if you travel often or have a room to spare, AirBNB or Home Away can be great solutions to take advantage of that empty space.

13. Virtual Assistant

Do you have an expertise you can leverage? Virtual assistants are on the rise and can basically be anyone from stay-at-home moms with admin and graphic design skills (Hint: I use one of those) all the way up to executive assistants who have a background working with high impact professionals. This can be a great option to leveraging a flexible schedule because the work is project-based and you can pace yourself.

14. Bookkeeping/Accounting

If you possess these skills, there are countless business owners that need this kind of help. I am willing to bet that if you put yourself out there, you're going be busy in no time.

15. Tutoring

Can you tutor someone in what you've already learned?  Maybe there is someone in school right now for you just graduated for! There are numerous ways to tutor and the possibilities are endless! 

16. Handyman

Not everyone needs a general contractor but not everyone is good with their hands either. Being a trusted, proficient handyman in your community can be a great side hustle to pick up some extra money.

17. Photography

Photographers may be a dime a dozen these days, but skilled and inexpensive ones are not. Could you shoot some Christmas-card photos or daffodil Spring photos? Families are looking for inexpensive, quality ways to capture their tribe's special moments as they grow, so getting in on the mix might not be a bad idea.

18. Proofreading

Are you an Oxford comma queen? Your aptitude for grammar, punctuation and spelling is desperately needed in this world. Grab your red pen and help people avoid the embarrassment by employing your proofreading skills to fix their mistakes and make some money in the process!

19. Disc Jockey

Countless DJs are popping up with the advent of technology. If all someone needs is a good MC and a great set list, the possibilities are numerous.

If you have a charismatic personality, you don't necessarily need lights and lasers to prove you can be a fun, inexpensive DJ for multiple occasions.

20. Coaching or Consulting

Maybe this will lead to a career change like it did for me. It can be something as simple as refereeing sports or consulting on technology decisions. The point is, you know something unique and someone wants to learn it. How can you leverage that? So, this has been twenty side hustles you can start profiting from right now. I hope you have found this information helpful to find more money to fund your dreams!   

Question: Which of these twenty side hustles do you currently employ? Are there any that didn't make the list? Share your unique insights in the comments below.

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