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16 More Side Hustles to Attack and Profit From Immediately

Everyday I'm hustling. This week, I am going to share with you 16 more side hustles to reach financial freedom in this second installment of side hustles to attack and profit from.

The first installment was so well received, so I decided to dish out another dose of hustle magic. Join me as we discuss 16 more side hustles to attack and profit from immediately.

Senior Services

Have a gift for working with the elderly? Check out homemakers and companions. Have a knack for entertaining? Make a good side gig out of being an entertainer in a nursing home. You can book group events or become a stroller who goes room to room and sings for the elderly, which can be both rewarding and profitable!


I bet years ago you didn't think this could be profitable. I didn't either. It's definitely a learned skill but whether it's by being an affiliate or freelance writing, this can become a great source of extra income.

Resume/Cover Letter Writing

If you have a way for words and an eye for structure that will catch an employers attention, there's a market for your skills. Let's face it. Who likes writing resumes? Not me!

Grocery Shopper

Taking personal shopping to a practical level, why pay the grocery store a premium plus delivery when you could hire someone to do it for you? I am sure there is a stay-at-home mom desperately needing your help.

House Cleaning

Put your OCD to good use...making money. Stay-at-home moms and busy professionals serve as a great client base. While it can spell hard work, it can be a great side hustle with relatively low overhead.

Data Entry

A great temp job typically found through a temp agency, most companies looking for this service are wanting to get some busy work done. While it can be repetitive and mindless, it allows you to listen to music or podcasts while you work and bring in some much needed extra cash.

Cooking Meals

Let's face it, we're all busy so you may be able to lighten the load for a single parent who needs help with cooking meals. By cooking meals and providing delivery, you not only ease their schedule but you also increase your wallet. Some may even find great joy in you coming to cook in their home. The possibilities are vast and can open up doors (and kitchens) for increased income. 

Hospital Transporter

Like the healthcare industry that transports patients, this can be a quick way to make some quick bucks on the side. Simply help patients to and from the hospital, lift them off beds and move them from area to area around the medical building–all while bringing in extra income.

Flyer Distribution

Whether it is a local business trying to get the word out or a local campaign trying to get people to vote, someone has something they need to pass out. If you've got two hands and two feet, get to pounding the pavement.


Are you the type of person who researches everything before you travel? Yeah, me too. There are tons of people out there who desperately need you to do the legwork for them and research that destination. Use your researching super powers to make some extra income.

Notary Public/Signing Agent

Chances are you know someone who's a notary and totally forgot that they were. Somebody will need a notary one way or another, so wouldn't you love to be the one always on demand? I was looking for a notary just a few weeks before this post. Often it is on short notice and if people know you're the notary in their circle, boom you're in! Tack on some businesses as clientele and you've just widened your client circle.

Social Media Manager

If you can manage others' social media proficiently and take one more tedious thing of their plate, you are golden! This role can be an expensive cost for business owners so if you can provide great service at a value, you're going to be very busy and have steady extra income!

One Man's Trash is Another's Treasure

It's as simple as flipping items you find at a flea market. Another ingenious idea was from a friend of mine who'd visit colleges on move out day and resell the barely used furniture left behind. Think outside the box. What may seem like junk could lead you to riches!

Never underestimate the power of the odd job. From assembling furniture to junk removal and more, Takl gets you connected to small jobs that pay through a trusted portal. Signing up is simple. You can easily connect and find those small jobs to bring in that extra income.

Window Cleaning

Believe it or not, most house cleaners don't do windows. If you can fill this gap and fill the need, you can find a lot of windows to clean. Start knocking on doors and asking. You may even make some extra cash on the spot!

Tour Guide

Stop giving your friends a free ride! Look, you may already be doing this naturally so turn that natural ability into some real money! Think outside the box and you may find many people looking for skilled companions ready to paint the town red! So, let's go–Get your feet wet with these side hustles that will bring in that extra income and will help you find more money to fund your dreams. I hope you found this information helpful. Be sure to check out my free e-book which helps you save in five major expense areas. Come join my FREE Facebook community, the “Strong Together Money Community,” to keep you focused, informed and growing on your financial journey.  

Question: Are you employing some of these side hustles to bring in extra income? Interested in doing more and need some direction? Contact me today!

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