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How An Independent Mechanic Saves You Money

Today I talk about why you should always have an independent trustworthy mechanic while showing hybrid owners how to save big money on their replacement hybrid battery!  For more information watch the video above!

1.  Educate Yourself

In the video above, I mention Chris' research effort to find an alternative to the dealer's estimate.  Here's the article that set him in the right direction... Replacing a Dead Prius Battery Doesn't Have to Cost Thousands of Dollars

2.  Find an Independent Mechanic

Ask your friends on Facebook that live in your area who they trust and search Yelp reviews.  A small independent, often family owned, mechanic is usually best.  Find someone you feel comfortable with that is willing to educate you and has your best interests at heart.  For more on how to pick a quality mechanic read my blog post about it here.

3.  Get an Itemized Estimate

Get a clear breakdown of what things are going to cost so you can compare and evaluate this decision against your budget and comparative costs.  Below is the original estimate from the dealer.  To find out what Chris really paid through an independent mechanic watch the video above!  Question: What are your tips for finding a quality mechanic or for hacking the costs of your hybrid?  Share them in the comments below!


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