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What Are Name Brands Costing You?

Skippy, Kraft, Wonder, and more.  These are recognizable brands and we enjoy them in daily life, but how much is our devotion costing us?  This and more in today's episode of Savvy Saturdays.

Leggo My Eggo

We are fiercely devoted to our brands.  Me?  Well, I will only drink Tropicana orange juice and eat Oscar Mayer bacon.   It's ok to be sold on a few brands (just get them ON SALE!) but are you totally sold out and branded?  Today's episode of Savvy Saturdays elaborates on how much you could be saving if you simply did most of your shopping with off brands and there's really nothing "off" about them.

Do the Math

How much less effort would it be to not have to think about coupons or sales and instead to shop off brands and save on the major groceries you buy?  Not only will you save money but also time!

Not the Quality You Think

Did you know that there is an off-brand market that has gluten free, organic, and artificial color free food?  Watch the video post above and then dive deeper with the article link below.  You will be amazed! 5 Reasons You Shouldn't Shop At This Off-Brand Store   Question: Ready to try shopping off brand?  Try it and share in the comments below how much you are now saving!


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