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How to Save Big When Buying Tires

Tires are something that we don't have to buy that often but when we do it can be several hundred dollars.  This week I'm going to show you my proven process for saving up to $200 or more every time you buy a set of 4 tires.  I personally have done this at least 5 times over the years.  Make sure to share this one with everyone you know who owns a car!  It affects everyone at some point.

1.  Check Out The Rack

Tire Rack that is.  Before you go shopping know what you're shopping for.  Not just any old tire will do. is a great resource for crowdsourced reviews based on real life experience plus their own professional reviews and data such as ratings in 12 different performance areas (wet traction, road noise, etc.).  Utilizing this resource will equip to go hunting and make the most of your purchase, BUT don't buy the tires from Tire Rack!  Why?  Watch the video above to find out!

2.  Call Ahead

Now that you've narrowed down through research the top 3 or less tires that are interested in purchasing call around and get quotes.  Pepboys, Firestone, etc. and find who sells them and what the price points are.  Make sure to ask for the complete bottom line specifying tires, mounting, balancing, road hazard (if you are choosing that), disposal of old tires, valve stems, and all applicable taxes.  Note this all down, get the name of the person you spoke with, and when done compare your notes.  Below is a picture of the calling around I did when I just bought tires in August 2017. 

3.  Negotiate... Wisely

Now you have a plan of attack.  Start with the lowest hanging fruit.  Go to where the price was coming up the cheapest and take with you a print out of that tire from  The reason for this is that often you can use this in negotiations but the seller is always going to want to see physical proof.  It's also smart to try and look for a less seasoned representative for your negotiations especially if you are new to this.  You don't want to run into some smooth talker who just argues with you. That's it!  You're armed and ready to save hundreds on your large tire purchase!   Question: How much do you think this strategy will save you next time you buy tires?  Share in the comments below!


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Just a couple pieces of information and we'll have you on your way to saving an average of $200/mth!