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How to Save On Your Eye Glasses

I want to tell you today how you can save big on your eye glasses purchases!  For more information watch the video above and read the blog post below!

1.  Cut Out The Middle Man

In the video above, I mention how Warby Parker does an amazing job in keeping their prices low.  Not by reducing quality but by cutting out the middle man.

2.  Try Them On At Home - No Sweat

One thing not mentioned in the video (see why it's important to read the blog post too?) is that Warby Parker allows you to try on up to 5 frames at a time for no charge.  Simply pick the frames, they ship them to you UPS for free, try them on, and send them back to them via UPS for free with their prepaid shipping label.  You can do this as many times as you want!  Want to try on 20 frames?  Just do 4 round of try-ons! 


3.  Unbeatable Prices

Warby Parker provides high quality lenses, frames, anti-glare coating, and anti-scratch coating for $99 flat.  Need high index lenses?  Add $26 to make it $125?  Need progressives? $299 out the door.  It's crazy!  For most people, these prices crush your after insurance cost.  As a Warby Parker customer myself I can attest to these frames.  Don't worry I don't get any affiliate fees.  I just think they're awesome!


Check out Warby Parker today at Question: How much have you spent on glasses in the past and how much do you think this tip could save you?  Share in the comments below!


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