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3 Questions You Must Ask Before You Subscribe to Anything

America has gone subscription crazy. Nowadays, you can pretty much subscribe to anything, but how do you know if a subscription is a good deal? Whether Netflix or Amazon, razorblades or socks, you can subscribe to any and everything. It can be very easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all, signing up for services and memberships that you know will arrive on time and do what you want them to do. In return, these very things, with their modern conveniences, can begin to pile up. In fact, you may not even need them. I want to share with you today 3 questions you should ask to evaluate any subscriptions, and you can also apply these to things like season passes or other monthly memberships.

1. Can you actually afford it?

You may be saying, “I can afford it. It’s $5. It’s $20. These are just small, little things.” But, what else can your money be used for? These subscriptions could be piling up and adding a lot to your monthly expenses.

2. Do I have a plan to use this?

Season passes are a great example. Most people will say, “Well, if I go 1 ½ times, the pass pays for itself.” Yes, this sounds like a great deal and it may be; but, if you don’t make a plan to go to that amusement park on the weekend or visit that museum next week, then your money is wasted. You may get busy or you may get distracted, so this question is important to ask. You need to have an intentional plan in place in order to make sure it will and is getting used. The same is true of online subscriptions and memberships. If you are never logging in or you buy a training course but never watch it, does it really save you money? Is it really a good deal?

3. Can I cancel it easily?

Sometimes there is a lot of fine print. This is especially true of gym memberships. I know of one gym company that required you to write a letter to a specific address in New Jersey and send it certified mail in order to cancel the membership! That is ridiculous and, in my opinion, should be illegal. So, be sure to read the fine print. For online services, why not try out a free trial membership first? In doing so, you not only get a good idea of the service but you can also figure out how to cancel the subscription before you even join. Make sure it is easy to use so when it does come time to cancel, no matter if it’s two weeks later or a year or two later, you can shut it off fast and avoid those extra billings.   So make you sure ask these three questions before subscribing to anything. Feel free to share these tips so that others may glean from them as well and, as always, I hope this information helps keep your wallet heavy and your heart light! Question: What subscriptions did you discover are a waste of your hard earned money?  Share in the comments below!


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