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Are You Living Two Financial Lives?

So, are you? Are you living two financial lives? Are you living in self inflicted financial infidelity? Let me explain what I mean by that. All too often, I see people who are spending money they don’t have and what happens is later in life they don’t have the money they need. Why? They already spent it...

One of the most common misconceptions I find people telling themselves is they can out-earn their mistakes or bad decisions. The truth is, eventually you are going to have to pay the piper. Now, yes, as we increase in age, we tend to make more money; however, as we get older, our expenses also increase – especially our medical expenses. Don’t be deceived. It is not healthy for you to be living two financial lives. Live within your means now! What do I mean by living two financial lives? Well, every time you go on a vacation you didn’t have money for and you put it on a credit card, you just lived two financial lives. Every time you tell yourself, “I’ll pay that later,” you are living two financial livesnow and your financial future. You are spending it before you have it! Any time you reason with yourself and say, “Oh, that’s not so bad. Eventually, I will get that raise,” you are living your financial future and it is not in your best interest!  Stop cheating on yourself and stop living two lives. Live within your means! In fact, live below your means (but that is a topic for another conversation)! You’ll then have margin to live and prepare for the future. Capacity is not always going to be there and tomorrow is not promised! So, don’t wait. Give me a call and let’s get you living within your financial means. Live the life you’ve been given and live it gratefully, making your wallet heavier and your heart lighter.  

Question: How have you realized you're living some of your future financial life today?  Share in the comments below!


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