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Discover the #1 thing distracting your team members and robbing your revenue.


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Benefit from years of research and see the actual data behind the case for financial wellness in the workplace.

Let's be frank. Your employees are stressed and it's costing you BIG.

The truth is that financial stress impacts your company’s bottom line. When an employee is worried about how their bills are going to get paid they simply aren’t as focused on their job as they should be.

92% of people are losing sleep over finances, and the #1 time of day people check their personal bank account is 8am… at work!

Honestly, can we really blame them? The statistics are staggering…

• 77% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck (
• 51% of workers surveyed say they are financially distressed (PwC)
• 81% of American workers identified money and its problems the primary source of stress in their lives (APA)
• 33% of workers admit they spend work hours worrying about and dealing with money related issues (PwC)
• 83% of all employees’ work performance is impacted by personal financial challenges (SHRM)

Growing up no one ever taught me how to handle money.  I was told "pay your bills on time" so I found myself really good at being a slave to paying bills.  Can you relate?

I've never missed a payment in my life. Big deal... That's not a legacy I want to be known for.

I was still operating in debt, had no control of my money, and didn't have a penny in savings.

In 2003 (at age 23) I finally learned budgeting but not even that fixed my finances.  Now I was just able to pay my bills ahead of schedule instead of just on time!

My habits and mindset towards borrowing and short-term thinking were still the same and the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck just continued.

Then in 2008 everything changed...

Right after the recession started my wife and I went through a local personal finance class and everything we knew was transformed.

We discovered how to become debt free... and we did it!

We saved like never before.

Our communication went to another level.

Our lives radically changed.

Fast forward to later in 2008. I found myself a product of corporate America. No clear vision for my life, underpaid, and frustrated. No one got a raise for at least 3 years, not even for cost of living.

The effects of the recession were a wake up call.  We were secure financially but I started to believe there was a bigger purpose for my life than being a mule at a desk.

Over the next two years I found a new passion, telling everyone else how they can do what we did too.

This lead to many conversations with friends and family and their responses were pretty much universal…. complaining.

“I’ll never get ahead”, “I’ll always be in debt”, “It’s no use”, “Hopes and dreams? It’s too late for me.” and more.

What I found was that people had completely lost hope and when I shared about the power they had to change things forever, I saw the light bulb go on and suddenly the hope was rekindled.

I watched as attitudes began to turn from complaint and hopeless to excitement and determination, all because of the power of hope and a plan.

After just a few of these conversations, I was hooked...

Seeing a life change because we simply showed them what they’ve never been taught their whole lives which breathed life back into their hopes and dreams?  Sign me up!

From that point on I knew that this was what I was meant to do and since the spring of 2011 I’ve been on a mission to break the paycheck to paycheck cycle, save marriages, change family trees, and lead others to financial freedom one financial wellness habit at a time.

Now, it’s your turn, because complaining isn’t going to get you anywhere.

If you’re done complaining and ready to transform your life, join me.


Jeremy lives with his wife and two daughters in New Haven, CT.  They are active members of their church community and love serving and helping others.

You can follow Jeremy on Instagram where he spends most of his time online, as well as Facebook.  In his free time he's an avid lover of feature films and unplugs at the end of week by secluding himself at his local theater so he's forced to not work.

Jeremy also loves to follow technology, ride rollercoasters, eat BBQ and steak (it's the 6th love language!), and romancing his best friend.  If you visit his office you may find a large container of his vice, Jelly Belly jelly beans, on his desk.  Just ask if you can have some 😉.

The Personal Finance Playbook Workshop Series

This dynamic workshop series blends traditional learning with an interactive approach. Participants come away energized, encouraged, and equipped with real tools and a plan instead of just talk.

Goal Setting

If you aim at nothing you’ll hit it every time.  Rather than just learning strong principles and tips and then walking away aimless, this workshop helps you zero in on what goals are most relevant and teaches you how to craft goals that make sure you win with money.

Budgeting & Emergencies

The secret to winning with money is living on less than you earn.  This workshop provides realistic steps to reduce stress and teach you how to develop healthy habits including budgeting, a management system, and planning for emergencies.

Tackling Debt

One of the most common financial goals is to become debt free but most are overwhelmed with the thought of where to start. This workshop will not only teach you how to quickly pay off debt, it also provides inspiration and hope on how becoming debt free can be a reality.

Relationships & Money

Healthy communication is critical to success in finance, marriage, and any relationship where money is involved.  This workshop provides practical tips for how to have meaningful and positive money discussions that will strengthen any relationship.


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