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Find The Money To Fund Your Dreams

You already have dreams.
All you need is hope, a guide, and a system that works.
It's time to break the cycle.


Want fast results?

Download your free copy of my book "The Money Finder".  With in-depth steps, pictures, and links it is proven to save you on average $200/mth or more in areas you already spend!

Sick of never having enough?

Wondering where your hard earned money went?

Tried this money stuff before and it just doesn't seem to stick?

Tired of feeling like you live paycheck to paycheck?

Sick of being talked down to by financial people and their jargon?

There is hope!

You CAN break the cycle
You CAN have a system that works
You CAN achieve your dreams
You CAN become a financial badass
You CAN change your family tree
You CAN find peace

Let me show you how...

Welcome to Strength In Numbers!

I'm so glad you're here!  My name is Jeremy and I'm super passionate about helping you reach your dreams.

Helping to break the paycheck to paycheck cycle, save marriages, and change family trees is my jet fuel.

I've dedicated my life to helping my clients identify their goals, take charge of their income, and actually fund their dreams!

With over 2,900 hours of coaching experience since I started business in 2011 I've been able to help countless dreamers and now it's your turn!

There's so much more I'd like to share with you.  Follow me over to the Meet Your Coach page or if you're ready to get started choose your own adventure path below!


Choose Your Adventure

Personal Coaching

Get step by step personal guidance through your financial journey no matter how big or small.

Get the support you need and accomplish the impossible!



Engage in a dynamic interactive workshop with other like minded families.  You'll leave with the tools you need.

You'll laugh, but you won't cry! Check for the next scheduled event.



Interact with a testimonial to stop the slideshow

"We've never had much of a savings. I honestly have never had anything to do with our finances since we've been married. I was too anxious about it. From your videos (not just the content, but becoming more aware of being financially responsible in general), we went from going over budget by eating away at our "slush fund" $400-600 a month to putting away between $600-800 every month! Thanks for all you do!"


"This process is really working for us. We have more money in our bank account than we ever have, because of coaching we avoided a $20,000+ financial mistake, and more. Now there’s a streamlined system and we feel like we can breathe again. We feel like we are finally regaining control. It’s crazy how we spent money for coaching that we thought we didn’t have but yet we have way more money now than we’ve ever had before! This really works!"

Eddie & Amy

"Even though not all the income we need is there, having a system that allows us to pay attention helps us make better financial decisions and look at things in a different way then we ever have before."

George & Janelle

"The #1 thing that has helped us improve is accountability. In some situations I used to wash my hands of something and thrust the responsibility on my spouse and now I’m participating like I never did. My whole outlook on and the way I think about finances has changed. Accountability and a plan doesn’t mean we can’t do fun things."

Jamie & Abby

"For the first time in my life I have $3000 in my bank account and it doesn't faze me. Rather than thinking I've hit the jackpot I'm focused because my attention is on my plan not my bank account. It feels so good to be ahead of the curve for once!"


"Prior to starting financial coaching I was completely out of touch with my finances, and now I feel much more in control and optimistic about my financial future... 16 months later, I've made over $35,000 of progress!"


"The fact that I have someone to have financial conversations with, even if we don’t always agree, is invaluable."


Want More Free Content?

Check out my Savvy Saturday video archive.  Over 80 video blogs with priceless information you can use to get more traction with your money!


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2020 got you down in the dumps and all kinds of stressed out? Anxious about what the future will bring? I've got the answers. It's time for a fresh start! Don't let 2020 win! 2021 is your time to shine!

This workshop will provide you a step-by-step process to:

  • Reduce financial stress and frustration.
  • Know exactly what to focus on depending on your unique situation.
  • Learn a proven system to crush any amount of debt. (It’s by far the best way!)
  • Give you confidence and clarity to reach your financial goals.
    And so much more!

Can't make it? Register anyway! A replay will be available to view until September 24th and a link will be emailed to you.

Limited to 100 attendees.  Reserve your seat now!